Physical Therapy: Anytime, Anywhere

Experience the future of physical therapy with Rejoy's AI-powered platform. Achieve optimal recovery and wellness with personalized, convenient, and effective therapy sessions right from the comfort of your home.

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Why you need Rejoy Health?

Targeted Musculoskeletal Care

Receive specialized attention and effective strategies to manage musculoskeletal conditions and improve mobility.

Proven Efficacy

Join the thousands who have already improved their lives with our next-gen AI-powered solutions.

Rewards for Healthy Choices

Earn incentives for making positive changes to your daily routine and adopting healthier movement habits.


Rejoy Health Care Center

We offer a holistic approach to improving health and well-being by addressing physical health needs

Precision Motion Technology

Precision Motion Technology

Precision Motion Technology, powered by RejoyMotion™, establishes an unprecedented benchmark in joint and muscle care. Move recognizes that precise movement is crucial for optimal well-being. By integrating RejoyMotion™ technology, they deliver unrivaled accuracy and effectiveness in their programs. This advanced technology enhances joint and muscle care, enabling individuals to achieve their health goals with unparalleled precision. Move's commitment to incorporating TrueMotion™ technology sets them apart in providing exceptional care for joint and muscle health.

Digital Physical Therapy

Rejoy Health's Digital Therapist leverages sensor technology to provide real-time feedback, making movement an effective form of medicine. By capturing detailed movement data, the therapist can customize the program based on actual performance, eliminating guesswork and maximizing relief.

Digital Physical Therapy
Targeted Musculoskeletal Care

Targeted Musculoskeletal Care

Use our therapeutic exercises created by professional PTs to manage your back and joint pains. Our AI system and computer vision leave you at ease that you are performing the exercises properly.

On Call

When immediate relief is essential, our on-demand team of Physical Health Specialists is readily available. Offering round-the-clock text-based support across three continents, patients can access high-quality care precisely when and where they require it. Say goodbye to waiting on hold or speaking with unqualified individuals beforehand.

On Call


Move understands that movement is integral to promoting longevity, well-being, and a life free from discomfort. By harnessing wearable technology and partnering with certified personal trainers, Move is revolutionizing exercise. Their programs are designed to enhance and sustain physical health, mitigate health risks, and empower individuals to achieve their personal fitness objectives. Move ensures exercise is not only more effective but also easily accessible to all.

Scalable Solutions For All Of Our Partners

For Employers

Help everyone you serve achieve better health outcomes

Our empathic technology and growing suite of digital solutions make us the trusted ally for hospital networks, clinics, and other health service providers that want to support patients through life's ups and downs more effectively.

For Health Plans

Deliver comprehensive and cost-effective support to all members

Our tech-based solutions scale up and down to meet the shifting needs of your member base. We offer clinically validated solutions that can help adults and teens through many different health chapters.

See it in action

Empower your members and employees Today!

We incentivizes users to make better movements by rewarding them for their efforts. By tracking physical, Rejoy motivates users to adopt healthier habits and improve their overall well-being.


Rejoy Health offers next-gen digital Digital musculoskeletal care/ Digital MSK health solutions that helped 10,000+ people improve their lives.